Baauer may get sued over use of “Harlem Shake” sample

February 26, 2013 / by admin

It’s all fun until someone gets sued… Right? Now that just about everyone and their grandmother knows what the Harlem Shake is, it’s time for the real drama to begin. Recently during an AMA on reddit, trap producer Baauer told fans that he found the samples for the track “on the innerwebs.” It seems that answer isn’t satisfying everyone, and fans were quick to find the real source of the samples.
Now retired, the reggaeton producer turned preacher Hector “el Father” Delgado has told the Puerto Rican reporters that he plans on suing Baauer over the use of the “con los terroristas” sample used at the beginning of the viral track.

What remains unclear is whether Baauer intentionally witheld the source of the sample, or literally did just randomly find it on the internet. It’s interesting to see this sort of backlash towards a prominent artist, when so many aspiring DJs and artists feel the wrath when uploading their remixes to YouTube and Soundcloud every single day.

It’s not entirely uncommon for artists to go on the internet looking for interesting and royalty-free samples. Over a year after the release of Skrillex‘s breakout hit Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites, fans disocvered that the “oh my gosh” sample came from a young girl’s YouTube video of her cup stacking routineZedd also used a vocal sample from the infamous foul-mouthed “RV Salesman” in his track Slam The Door. Porter Robinson also turned to a mysterious YouTube video for the samples used in the track100% In The Bitch.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out – will Baauer seek out an attorney, will it go to court, and perhaps most of all – will this set a precedent for artists? The result of this could ultimately decide on the accountability that artists have when scouring the internet for “free” samples to use their music.

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